English Mastiff - Familienhunde vom Selzerbach - sozialisiert und wesenfest

English Mastiff - Family dogs from Selzerbach

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We are registered and certified hobby breeders. We strictly reject kennel keeping.

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Karbener Weg 30
61184 Karben
Telefon: 06039 / 938 60 76
E-Mail: info@selzerbach.de

Breeding from old bloodlines (e.g. Bredwardine) is important to us. We place great value on the mating of healthy, bone-strong, stable and breed-typical parents. The parents were successful at national and international exhibitions. Our puppies grow up with children in the house and are socialized, stable and suitable for everyday life. Our puppies are appreciated internationally as therapy dogs, companion dogs and family dogs.

English Mastiff Hunde-Welpen Collage A-Wurf